Which doors are most secure?

Want to keep your house safe? Buy more secure doors.

The outside doors of your home are critical for keeping out burglars. 34 percent of burglaries come through the front door, and 22 percent come through the back door. Obviously if you’re leaving a spare key in an easy-to-find place it’s simple for a burglar to enter, but some doors are easier to kick through or jimmy open.

Just what goes into making a secure door?

Secure doors for homes

Some homes may only have a front and back door, but others might have multiple doors that need to be secured. Don’t spend a bunch of money on a solid front door and ignore the back door.

The most secure doors you can buy are solid-core doors, also sometimes known as fire doors. These doors can be wood, metal, fiberglass or made of some other material, but the best are usually metal.

Doors with glass inserts are less secure than those without. If you have a glass insert, a burglar can smash the window and easily reach inside to unlock the door handle and deadbolt. It’s even worse if that door is secluded from the road and neighbors, but don’t assume just because it’s out in the open you’re safe. Know if you put in a door with a glass insert you’re making a trade- off between security and aesthetics.

Hollow-core doors are common for interior doors. They’re lighter and much less expensive, but they’re not suitable for outside exits because of how easy they are to break. Even someone small without a lot of strength can put their shoulder to a hollow-core door and go straight through.

Outside doors should be as strong as you can afford. The door matters, and the hardware matters as well—the longer the screws, the more likely a burglar can’t kick through it.

Installing the right doors

If you need new outside doors for a home, you should talk to a professional who can install them correctly and choose the right door for each application. Talk to Village Roofing and Construction today and we’ll help you find and install the right door for your home.

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