Can siding be recycled?

 If you’re having the siding on your home or commercial building replaced, you may be wondering what happens to all that siding. Does it get thrown away? Does it get recycled?

The short answer? It depends on the type of siding.

Wood siding

When wood siding gets replaced, it’s typically because the siding is old. It has deteriorated and started to rot. The whole reason you’re replacing it is because it’s aged and has degraded.

You may be thinking since it’s wood, we recycle it back to the earth! But it’s not recyclable. Essentially, it’s dump material.

Vinyl siding

Fortunately, vinyl siding can be recycled. With vinyl siding, we always take it down to the studs then put new siding up. So, the siding is always pulled off and recycled. The facility we take it to grinds it up and melts it down to form new products.

Aluminum and steel siding

When we pull aluminum or steel siding down, it can be recycled as well. And really, we consider disposing of it to be part of the job. It would be a hassle for the homeowner to dispose of it themselves, so we load it up and take it to a recycling facility.

Who does the recycling?

Any time we help a homeowner with their siding, we always clean up our job sites. At the end of the day, we take it to a general-purpose recycling facility. They melt everything down and repurpose it, whether it’s vinyl, aluminum, or steel.

It doesn’t matter how old it is or what shape it’s in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a residential or commercial job. As long as the siding is not wood, we’ll take it to be recycled. And if it is wood, we’ll still dispose of it for our customers.

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