Are roof inspections free?

 Depending on what type of roof inspection you are considering, it may be free or it may not. Let’s look at who does inspections, which are free and which aren’t, and what roof inspectors look for.

Who does roof inspections?

Roof inspections are usually done by one of two different parties:

  • A home inspector
  • A roofing contractor

With a home inspector, the inspection is usually not free. Someone has to pay the inspector. But with a roofing contractor, generally the inspection is free. That’s the common practice with both residential and commercial roofs.

When are roof inspections done?

While technically a home inspector could be called to do an inspection at any time, it usually happens when a home is being sold. Typically, the lender or purchaser of the home requires the entire property be inspected by someone licensed by the state to do so.

On the other hand, a roofing contractor is usually called to do an inspection after a storm. They’re usually not doing an in-depth inspection where they’re going to write everything up in a report. The inspection is done as more of a courtesy to the home owner to let them know what has sustained damage.

In most of those cases, the home owner is trying to determine if they should file a claim with their insurance company. In fact, people often wait months after the storm before having their roof inspected. They want to wait until storm season is over—typically around Labor Day—so that they don’t have to file multiple claims if another storm should hit.

What do roof inspectors look for?

A good, experienced roofing contractor will look at more than just your roof. They will also examine the exterior of your home to see if anything else is damaged that can be filed as a part of the insurance claim.

If you have a question about your roof from this year’s storms, contact us. We would be happy to come out and do a free inspection for you. We typically travel with 60 miles or so of the Oklahoma City metro area.

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