Can roof shingles be reused?

A pretty common question people ask is whether or not roof shingles can be reused. There are some ways in which they can, but other ways in which they never should be.

Recycling shingles

Shingles can absolutely be recycled. They’re recycled all the time.

Specifically, the asphalt material in the shingles is a recyclable product. So, your shingles can be taken to a recycling facility, melted back down, and the asphalt can be reclaimed and used again.

Recycled shingles do tend to be more expensive than freshly made, new shingles. So keep that in mind if you’re wanting to purchase them for use.

Reusing shingles on a lesser structure

If you are taking shingles off of your roof, you can do something like putting them on a shed in the back forty or in your backyard. I’ve even seen people put them on a dog house.

The underlayment is the last line of defense against a water leak. If your structure has really good underlayment, then the shingles are less of a factor for leaking.

Of course, they may look bad since they’re older, and have been used on another roof already. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Reusing shingles on the same structure

If you’re wondering, “Can I take the shingles off my roof and then put them back on?” then the answer is no. You wouldn’t ever want to do that.

Even if you’re taking them off to fix underlayment, you still need to go ahead and put new shingles afterward. In fact, if you’re taking the shingles off for any reason, that is a good time to go ahead and replace your underlayment at the same time.

So recycling shingles is a great idea. Reusing them on a smaller structure where aesthetics isn’t a huge concern is okay too. But never take them off a structure then put them back on again.

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