Why is siding so expensive?

 The amount of homes with siding is relatively small in Oklahoma. We build homes where the first eight feet from ground level is brick, then there’s a second story or a gable with siding. Smaller, or older houses will have siding sometimes as well.

If you’ve ever looked into replacing the siding on your house, chances are that you either want an updated look, or it’s chipping around the bottom because it’s thirty years old or older.

So why is siding so expensive?

How much should siding cost?

Well, of course it’s all a matter of perspective. Siding is something that protects the exterior of your home. And most siding has a high degree of cosmetic value that you pay for rather than purely functional value.

Also, in the past there was some siding available that was substandard in quality. One company had several class action lawsuits because they had inferior siding. If it got wet, it would eventually start to come apart.

Now, there are products you can get that are much more durable. You can get the less expensive vinyl siding. But you also have the option of smart board siding and fiber cement siding. Both of those are more expensive because they last long and are a superior product.

How does siding get damaged?

When people go with fiber cement siding or smart board siding, they’re usually not wanting to deal with their siding again for twenty years or more. A lot of people get it because they’re tired of what they currently have. Maybe it’s out of style or deteriorating. Maybe it’s starting to have holes in it.

Hail can cause damage to siding, but not always. If the hail comes straight down, or even if there’s a little wind, there’s hardly any damage on siding. When the wind is blowing as much as 60-70 miles per hour, then you’ll have a significant amount of damage. That can even look like someone took a shotgun to the side of your house.

Again, siding is protecting the exterior of your home. It’s completely up to you, but how important is your home to you? How well do you want it protected?

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